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Center for Academic Success: Testing Services

CAS Office Hours

Today's Hours

The CAS Office is closed for Chapel on Wednesdays and Fridays during the semester. 

CAS Location

The Center for Academic Success is located on the ground floor of Nease Library.

Phone: 617-745-3722

Email: cas(at)

Twitter: @ENC_CAS


Center for Academic Success

Eastern Nazarene College

23 East Elm Ave.

Quincy, MA 02170

Testing Services

In order to qualify for testing accommodations in the Center for Academic Success, students must fall under one of the following two categories:

1. Students with disabilities who require special testing accommodations (Click here for more information)

2. Students with special circumstances such as:

  • Involved in a school-related event that conflicts with an exam date.
  • Students requiring an excused absence due to illness and/or other medical issues*
  • ENC Students enrolled in a distance education program at another institution.

Procedure and Requirements for Scheduling an Exam in CAS

Students are required to schedule an appointment to take their exam (and inform their professor) at least five days* before the exam date and time. This rule exists for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that there is sufficient time before the appointment for CAS to schedule a proctor for the exam.
  • To allow time for preparations to be made in the event that certain accommodations are required. 
  • To ensure that  the appropriate testing materials have been received from the professor. 

Appointments may only be made between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. 

The appointment request will only be approved by a CAS staff member once they have received verification from the professor, and appropriate documentation from the student. If a student comes to CAS to take an exam but we have not received authorization or documentation, the student will not be allowed to take the exam. 

*Special accommodations can be made for students with an excused absence due to serious illness or medical issues.  If you need to take an exam within 48 hours, please schedule a meeting with CAS, and make sure to bring documentation regarding your excused absence.

The Center for Academic Success will only approve a testing appointment and administer an exam to a student whose professor has directly authorized CAS to do so. 

Students are responsible for informing their professor of their scheduled exam date and time in the Center for Academic Success and ensuring that the required test* has been submitted in the appropriate manner. If CAS has not received the testing materials required within 24 hours of the student's testing appointment, we can not approve the appointment.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify their professor.  It is also the responsibility of the student to follow up with CAS if they do not receive a confirmation e-mail approving their appointment.

If the student misses his/her appointment, both the student and professor will be notified. It is the professor's discretion whether or not the student will be allowed to book a new appointment. The CAS will not reschedule an appointment without authorization from the professor.

*CAS does not proctor quizzes. 

No-Show Policy:

No-show is defined as an individual who did not cancel or reschedule a scheduled appointment 24 hours prior to their appointment. CAS maintains and updates the no-show list daily. If a student misses his/her appointment, both the student and professor will be notified. However, CAS will not make appointments for anyone who has no-showed on two occasions. After one no-show, a student will have to meet with the testing assistant and the CAS director to review the no show policy and to make another testing appointment.  After two no-shows, the student will be unable to make an appointment for the remainder of the semester. 

How to Schedule a Testing Appointment

1. Click the link above to open the reservation menu. 

2. Select a date to see available seats and time slots. 

3. The times are listed based on the day's class schedule. To pick extended time slots, keep clicking the time slots that are in line with that Seat Number. The "Private Room" option is ONLY for testers with special accommodations that require a reader, scribe or technological assistance. 

4. Once you have selected your time slot, fill in the dropdown form with all the appointment information including your name, ENC email address, class, professor, and reason for the reservation.

5. Click "submit" after you have completed the form. 

6. The appointment will be approved by a CAS staff member once the proper documentation and authorization has been received from your professor. 

NOTE: The appointment booking system includes a five day buffer between the time a booking is submitted and the appointment time.