Using Digital Curation Tools for Group Projects

For students in macro and microeconomics group assignment
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  • Assignment Instructions

    You were approved for a current events group project with a current economics topic, e.g., quantitative easing, which will be created using digital curation tools such as Scoop.It that currently are being used in the business and education environment.

    Each group/team will provide background for the issue, answer why it is of current interest, how it is affecting our economy, and what is expected to happen regarding the topic in the near and long term.

    You are to collect a representation of informative information including but not limited to YouTube videos, blogs, journal articles, popular business periodical articles, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, graphs & charts, and assemble an attractive online exhibit that you will then present to the class in an instructive manner with your team.

    This guide is a resource for how to use the online platforms to complete the assignment.

    Please send your instructor the URL for your Scoop-It as soon as it has been completed or published.

    Space for Group Work

    • PC Lab, Ground Floor, Learning Commons
    • iMac workstations, First Floor, Learning Commons
    • Mac Lab, 2nd Floor, OCC
    • PC Lab, First Floor OCC