Create a Digital Story: the Basics

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  • What is digital storytelling?

    Definitions vary, but digital stories are usually brief narratives told in first person and presented as short movies (2-5 minutes) which combine text, images (still and/or video), and sound.

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    Define it!

    digital story (dig·i·tal sto·ry)
    A short, first person video-narrative created by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, and music or other sounds.

    digital storyteller (dig·i·tal sto·ry·tell·er)
    Anyone who has a desire to document life experience, ideas, or feelings through the use of story and digital media. Usually someone with little to no prior experience in the realm of video production but time to spend a few days attending a workshop and developing a story with creative support and technical assistance from compassionate, highly experienced facilitators.

    Show me!

    A school principal's story

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