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Center for Academic Success: Faculty Resources

Testing Policies

In order to qualify for testing accommodations in the Center for Academic Success, students must fall under one of the following two categories:

  • Students with disabilities who require special testing accommodations
  • Students with special circumstances such as:
    • Students with a documented excused absence due to illness and/or other medical issues
    • ENC Students enrolled in a distance education program at another institution

Requirements and Procedures for Scheduling an Exam in CAS

Students are required to schedule an appointment to take their exam at least five days before the exam date and time. This rule exists for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that there is sufficient time before the appointment for CAS to schedule a proctor for the exam.
  • To allow time for preparations to be made in the event that certain accommodations are required. 
  • To ensure that the appropriate testing materials have been received from the professor. 

The CAS offers testing services during specific hours between the hours of 9:00 am—5:00 pm, Monday—Friday. Appointments can be booked online at Students can also schedule an appointment with our testing coordinator by e-mail: The appointment request will only be approved by a CAS staff member once they have received verification from the professor. If a student comes to CAS to take an exam but we have not received authorization or documentation from the Office of Accommodation and Access, the student will not be allowed to take the exam. 

The Center for Academic Success will only administer an exam to a student whose professor has directly authorized CAS to do so. 

Students are responsible for informing their professor of their scheduled exam date and time in the Center for Academic Success and ensuring that the required test has been submitted in the appropriate manner. If CAS has not received the testing materials required, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the professor. 

If the student misses his/her appointment, both the student and professor will be notified. It is the professor's discretion whether or not the student will be allowed to book a new appointment. The CAS will not reschedule an appointment without authorization from the professor.

Faculty Procedures

Sending Exams

Exams can be emailed to or can be delivered to the CAS in person. The faculty member should include a CAS Exam Confirmation Form (cover sheet) for each exam and student they are authorizing to test in the Center for Academic Success. This form provides CAS with information needed to proctor the exam and serves as the authorization for the student to receive testing services in CAS. 

The faculty member is expected to send the exam at least 48 hours in advance of the student’s testing appointment. The student is responsible for informing the faculty member of his/her appointment date and time.

Receiving Exams

There are three methods by which faculty can receive completed exams: campus mail, email, or pick up. The faculty member should specify his/her preferred method on the CAS Exam Confirmation Sheet that is sent with the exam. Once an exam is completed, the professor will receive a response from CAS within the next 48 hours (business days).  Please note that if a student completes an exam on a Friday, the professor may not receive a notice from CAS until Tuesday.

NOTE: The CAS does not recommend the use of campus mail for the delivery or return of exams. The CAS is not responsible for any missing or lost exams sent through the ENC campus mail service. If you would like to pick up the exam, please indicate that on the CAS Exam Confirmation Form and e-mail cas at to schedule a pick-up time.


Class Visits

CAS Staff Members are available to visit class sessions to run workshops or to share information about CAS resources and services. To schedule a time for a CAS Staff Member to visit your class, please email cas(at) and include the following information:

  • Class Name
  • Class Time
  • Class Location
  • Number of students in the class
  • Technology available in the classroom
  • Reason for class visit
  • Topics you wish covered by the CAS staff member

CAS Writing and additional Academic Support –Referral Form

Instructors are encouraged to use this form to refer students to CAS in order to receive writing and other academic support. Students should bring this form with them to their appointment, and can schedule an appointment with a writing specialist or subject based tutor through our online system: . Please contact us at with additional questions or concerns.

Student Accommodations and Disability Services


The Office of Accommodations and Access provides academic and personal support in the form of accommodations and auxiliary aids to undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students with diagnosed learning disabilities; psychiatric disorders; hearing, visual, and physical impairments; or other medical conditions.

In the event a student has a documented disability and is receiving services from the Office of Accommodations and Access, the instructor will receive email notification from the Disability Services Coordinator as well as documentation from the student that is to be signed by the instructor. The email and document will include pertinent information regarding the student’s accommodation needs.

Click here for more information about Disability Services.

Faculty Syllabus Blurb

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) exists to help students achieve success at ENC and beyond.  The Center provides a myriad of services and resources, including: advising, subject-based tutoring, writing assistance, and supplemental instruction.  CAS representatives are also available to help students improve their organizational skills, time management skills, study skills and test taking strategies.  The Center is located on the ground floor of Nease Library.  For more information about CAS services, visit us on the web at: 

Disability Services

Students with documented disabilities who may require accommodations in any course should register as soon as possible with the Office of Accommodations and Access (OAA) located in CAS. For more information about disabilities services, and to make an appointment with the OAA, go to: