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Center for Academic Success: Work for CAS

Available CAS Tutor Positions

CAS Writing Coach

CAS is looking for students who would like to serve as writing coaches for the 2020-2021 academic year. Writing Coaches help students with the writing process and not with editing papers. Using guiding questions, writing coaches elicit critical thinking in students, aiding the students understanding of his/her writing. Writing coaches must understand the structure of topic sentences, thesis statements, paragraphs, and essays. Along with essay knowledge, writing coaches should have a good understanding of grammar mechanics. 

Please review job description for full list of qualifications and responsibilities of CAS Writing Coaches. 

CAS Peer Tutor

Peer tutors assist and coach other assigned ENC students in becoming more successful and independent learners. Peer tutors provide and help to integrate effective learning and study strategies for their assigned students, while at the same time helping to clarify and/or reinforce course content, assignments and materials. This may take place through individual tutoring sessions or scheduled group sessions for specific courses. 

Please review job description for full list of qualifications and responsibilities of CAS Peer Tutors. 

Application Instructions:

1. Complete the CAS Employment application available here.

2. If applying for a writing coach position, submit an email to cas @ with the subject line "CAS Writing Coach Application Writing Sample - (Your Name)" and attach a sample of your academic writing here at ENC. The paper should be at least 5 pages and include research and citations. You may attach additional samples if desired. 


We accept applications on a rolling basis, but typically review applications mid-January and interview in early February.