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Antiracism Bibliography

10 “Must Watch” Black History Documentaries, PBS.

12 Movies to Watch to Educate Yourself About Racism and Protest History, Recommended by Experts, Time.

13 eye-opening essays and articles from Black writers you should have already read to understand America's problems with race, Business Insider

African American Research. National Archives

Black History Month Library

“Diversity Matters: Race, Ethnicity, and Christian Higher Education” Advance Magazine. Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities.

Education Related Resources

Harvard Implicit Bias Test.

“How Did We Get Here? 163 Years of The Atlantic’s Writing on Race and Racism in America” The Atlantic. June 16, 2020.

“Juneteenth.” Khan Academy.

Resources on Justice and Race, Nazarene Theological Seminary

Working Bibliography on the History of Psychology, Blackness, and Racism