Writing for General Curriculum

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  • MLA Citation Help

    The Modern Language Association created MLA Style for use in the fields of language and literature.

    Learn more at "What is MLA Style?"

    Why Cite Sources?

    • Citations demonstrate the authenticity and originality of your work.
    • Citations illustrate your research process.
    • Citations allow your reader to identify and locate additional resources on your topic.
    • Citations acknowledge the authors and researchers you relied on to develop your paper's argument.

    Steps to cite resources

    Step 1: Determine the source type.

       Is it a book, journal article, newspaper or encyclopedia entry?

    Step 2:  Decide if the source is print or digital.

       Is the source from an online database, web site or a Library’s print collection?

    Step 3: Find an example citation for the source type in a citation guide.

    Step 4: Use the example as a template to create your citation.

    Parts Needed to Create a Journal Article Citation

    Parts Needed to Create a Book Citation

    Print Guides to MLA Style (on Reserve in IRC)