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Center for Student Enrichment: Placement Testing

CAS Office Hours

CAS Location

The Center for Student Enrichment is located on the ground floor of Nease Library.

Phone: 617-745-3722

Email: cse(at)

Twitter: @ENC_CSE


Center for Student Enrichment

Eastern Nazarene College

23 East Elm Ave.

Quincy, MA 02170


Placement Testing Information

The Center for Student Enrichment (CSE) provides placement testing services for traditional undergraduate prospective students. As part of the enrollment process, Eastern Nazarene College uses ACCUPLACER by College Board to assess prospective students’ college readiness. The ACCUPLACER exams test students' skills in math, reading, and writing, all important skills necessary for college success. Score results on ACCUPLACER exams determine placement into developmental education courses and eligibility for waiving these courses.

For more information on College Board's ACCUPLACER system and for test-prep materials, please visit

Additional practice material for the writing portion of the exam:

At ENC, students have two options regarding placement testing:

- You can take the placement exam through Accuplacer. These scores will determine your placement in developmental courses or college-level English and Math classes.

-You can choose not to take the exam and submit your most recent ACT or SAT scores, which will be used to determine course placement, or you can accept your automatic placement into development courses.

Take the exam at home or at an alternative location of your choice; use the following link to schedule your exam: placement testing appointment calendar  

Please note that your reservation is Eastern Standard Time. If you live in a different time zone, be sure to inform the placement testing coordinator. In order to test, you will need access to a stable internet, a laptop or desktop computer, and a phone. Accuplacer is not compatible with Chrome Book.

For questions or concerns, please e-mail: For more information about testing view our Placement Testing FAQ sheet.