About Nease Library

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    Loan Periods

    Nease Library materials are checked out for the following periods of time:

    Circulating books:    4 weeks
    Children's literature:    4 weeks
    Curriculum books: 4 weeks
    Manipulatives & kits:    2 weeks
    CDs: 2 weeks
    Videos & DVDs: 7 days
    Reserves: determined by professor


    There are no renewals on materials owned by Nease Library.

    Student Billing

    Each month, all unpaid bills will be sent to the Student Accounts Office and added to the student's account at ENC. This process will result in a $5 surcharge per transaction, which is nonrefundable in the event that the item is eventually returned to the library.

    The replacement cost for items returned within 60 days of billing will be fully refunded, minus the overdue fine and surcharge.

    Late Charges/Billing

    Overdue means: not returned the day following the item's due date. However, there is a grace period during which patrons can still return items without receiving an accrued fine. Grace periods are as follows:

    • Reserves: 30 minute grace period
    • Videos/DVDs: no grace period
    • 2 week circulation: 10 day grace period
    • 4 week circulation: 16 day grace period

    Fines after grace period:

    • $3.00 for 2 week circulations
    • $4.00 for 4 week circulations
    • Fines will increase at a rate of $.25 per day until a maximum of $5.00 per item is reached.
    • $3.00 per day per item for media items

    Lost Items:

    • Sixty days after the item's due date, patrons will be billed for the replacement cost of the item
    • The replacement cost for library materials generally range from $35 to $75, depending on the type of material (curriculum, videos, books, CDs, etc.).
    • This charge incorporates the replacement cost as well as the cost to process the replacement material.