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    Code of Conduct

    The Nease Library abides by the Eastern Nazarene College Code of Conduct and other College policies which guide behavior on the campus. Provided here are particular provisions for behavior within the Library.

    1. Please protect the right of all members of the community to enjoy a quiet work environment while using the library. Refrain from use of radios, CD players, cell phones, etc.
    2. Please respect the quiet zones located on the second and third floor of the library. Maintain reasonable conversation levels on the first floor and ground floor.
    3. Nease Library is a smoke free environment.
    4. Please recycle paper in the bins provided throughout the library. Please dispose of any other trash properly.
    5. The use of rollerblades and skateboards is not permitted in the library. Bicycles should be left outside the library building.
    6. No animals, except those used to assist people with disabilities, are allowed in the library.
    7. Please respect the library building, materials, and equipment. Cutting, tearing, or defacing library holdings such as books, periodicals, and non-print materials, or tampering with equipment, furniture, and facilities is prohibited. 

    Gift and Donation Policy

    Gifts to Nease Library

    Nease Library is grateful for gifts of money, books, and other materials that contribute to the development and support of the academic programs of the institution.

    Material Gifts

    The library accepts books and other materials with the understanding that it has the right to handle or dispose of them in the best interest of the institution. The Director of Library Services reserves the right to make the final decision on adding the donated items to the collection.

    A gift plate to identify the donor may be placed in the book when appropriate.

    Gifts of Money

    Donations of money are accepted by the library for the purchase of books and other materials. The donor may specify how the money should be spent. The gift may be given in memory or honor of a specified person and will receive an appropriate gift plate.

    Acknowledgment of Gifts

    In acknowledgment of books or money, the library will offer a letter recognizing the gift which the donor can use as documentation for tax purposes. The appraisal of gift books for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor who claims the tax deduction. The library can only note the number and description of donated items, not the value.