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International Student Resources: Transfer Out

This is a libguide with resources for international students at Eastern Nazarene College

F-1 Transfer-Out

F-1 Transfer-Out

F-1 Transfer-Out Process

If you plan to move to another school in the US either before or after completing your studies at ENC, you must contact an ENC DSO to have your F-1 SEVIS record transferred to your new school. Once your new school receives your SEVIS record, they can produce a transfer Form I-20 for you. The transfer process allows you to maintain your SEVIS record and SEVIS ID number, without having to leave the US and re-enter using a new I-20 and a new SEVIS ID.

F-1 Transfer Eligibility

In order to be able to transfer your F-1 status to another school, you must meet the conditions listed below:

  • You must currently be in valid F-1 status
  • You must be admitted to another full-time program at another institution in the US that is able to sponsor F-1 students
    • Graduating students must be officially admitted to the new program by the end of their 60-day grace period.
    • Non-graduating students transferring out due to other academic reasons including but not limited to suspensions, withdrawals or academic probations must contact an ENC DSO for confirmation on transfer eligibility date.
  • Classes at your new school must begin no later than five months after your last day of classes at ENC
    • You cannot transfer your F-1 status if there is a gap of more than five months between the end of your studies at ENC and the start of your new program
  • You must submit a transfer request to an ENC DSO within the transfer deadlines

Transfer Process Steps

  1. Get admitted to a full-time program at another US institution, and let your new school know that you are an F-1 student currently at ENC. Your new school will provide you with instructions about the F-1 transfer process. Depending on your new school's procedures, they may give you an F-1 transfer request form to be completed by an ENC DSO
  2.  Submit your SEVIS Transfer request to an ENC DSO. You can review the documents and steps below for further details:
    • Submit a copy of your admission letter from your new school
      • An ENC DSO must confirm that you are admitted to a new school before we can transfer your F-1 record to the new school.
    • Email any F-1 transfer forms that your new institution/ school needs completed for the transfer process to 
      • ENC DSOs cannot sign blank or incomplete transfer forms - you must complete and sign the student section of your form and give us permission to release information to your new school
      • If the SEVIS Transfer Form is electronic, you should provide your ENC DSO the contact information for the form to be successfully completed
    • You must also tell us the school name and SEVP school code of the new school you plan to attend
      • Different schools can have more than one SEVP school code, depending on whether they have more than one campus or academic location
      • If you are unsure about your new school's SEVP school code, ask an international student advisor at your new school
      • If you have been admitted to more than one school, you must let us know which school you plan to attend and that school's SEVP school code
      • Tell the International Center when you would like your F-1 status and SEVIS record to be transferred to your new school ('transfer release date').
        • In most cases, the transfer or SEVIS release date will be the day after you complete your program of study at ENC or the day after your EAD card expires if you are on post-completion OPT or STEM OPT
          • IMPORTANT: you can transfer your record to your new school before your OPT / STEM OPT is completed; however, your OPT authorization ends immediately once your record is transferred to your new school
  3. Once the ENC DSO approves your request, your SEVIS record will be transferred to your new school on your transfer release date. Your new school will receive your SEVIS record on the release date and will be able to produce a Transfer I-20 for you after that date has been reached.
  4. Once you receive your new I-20 from your new school, follow their instructions and guidance regarding issues such as travel, arrival, and employment. You will be under your new school's F-1 sponsorship and will need to receive their guidance about maintaining F-1 status.

Even after your F-1 transfer is completed, the ENC recommends that you keep copies of your ENC I-20s (and any EAD cards issued for OPT or other types of employment) as part of your permanent records.

Transfer Deadline

You must request an F-1 transfer and the transfer must take place no later than sixty (60) days after completing your ENC program. If you are on post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) or the STEM OPT extension, the transfer must take place no later than sixty (60) days after the expiration of your Employment Authorization (EAD) card. In either case, once the sixty-day period has passed, you are no longer eligible for a F-1 transfer.

If you transfer to a new school before completing your ENC program or completing your ENC-based OPT / STEM OPT, consult with an ENC DSO. Usually, for students who are still enrolled in their ENC program, the transfer will take place immediately after the end of your most recent semester. If you want to transfer your record before the end of your post-completion or STEM OPT period, the transfer date can be of your choosing, but understand that your employment authorization will end once the record is transferred to your new school. You should select a transfer release date that takes place after you have finished any OPT-based employment, but before the start of your new program at your new school.