Living Issues- Research Paper (AGS)

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    Assignment Instructions

    Students will select a single moral tension that will be the focus of research, writing and presentation. The student will become an expert on the current research and debates surrounding the chosen topic, as well as the way ethical theory relates to the discussion.  This paper is a formal research paper of at least 2,250 words reflecting on some contemporary ethical tension or issue. 

    Significant grading deductions will be incurred for spelling/grammar errors, improper documentation (beware of relying on treacherous internet sources!) and late work.  Barbara MacKinnon’s textbook provides an excellent introduction to writing papers for an ethics course. See pages 486-493 for a short but helpful guide. Since this is a “research paper” students should utilize 5-10 sources in writing a unique thesis about one of the topics covered in the course. The professor cannot stress in strong enough terms the danger and consequences of plagiarism on this assignment.