Living Issues- Research Paper (AGS)

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    Double Check the Decision

    Ask if your arguements are both valid and sound:

    • A valid argument is one whose premises logically entail its conclusion.
    • An invalid argument on the other hand is one whose premises do not entail its conclusion. In an invalid argument, one can accept the premises as true and reject the conclusion without any contradiction.
    • A sound argument, on the other hand, has true premises and valid reasoning.
    • An unsound argument employs invalid reasoning or has at least one false premise.

    Evaluating Websites

     Critically evaluate each website used as a resource and question the following:

    • Authority - Is the website based on reputable and reliable sources? Is there a bibilography?  Are there citations?  Is the author of the website an expert on this subject?  
    • Objectivity - Is the website free of bias?    Who is responsible for the website? Are you getting an educated version of this topic, or is it just opinion?
    • Currency - Has the page been updated recently enough so that it reflects the most current data? Is there a date to indicate that this page is regularly evaluated and maintained?
    • Coverage - Does the website have valid information on the topic?  Is it free of typos and errors?  Does the page have a professional look and free of advertising? Are there links to other worthwhile websites?