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  • Student Research Assistant Program

    Proposal for Student Research Assistant Program – IPD REVISION  10/25/10


    This program provides faculty funding to hire a student research assistant. A partnership of this nature benefits both the faculty and the student. Faculty scholarship is a vital component of the professional academic life of faculty at an institution of higher education. Remaining professionally active and current in one's field is of great benefit to both teaching excellence and to the classroom learning environment. When students can participate in scholarship activity, they engage with the content in a way that goes beyond the textbook and class environment. A program of this sort provides a resource for ENC faculty to remain professionally active.

    Budget: $2500

    Average Grant



    Student Research Assistant

    Approx. # Grants

    6 per year

    Student Wage

    $8.50 /hour


    Example arrangements


    # Weeks

    Hours per Week


    Full Semester




    Bulk of Semester




    4-week intensive




    All semester minimal






    ·         4-5 hours a week of faculty-directed activity

    ·         The student will submit a report detailing what they have learned to the supervising professor. This may include a presentation of the results of their work. The student report will become a part of the final submission to the Instructional Professional Development Committee.

    ·         A request for funds will need to be submitted which includes:

    o   Total number of hours requested

    o   Detail as to the specific task of the student

    o   Goals of the project

    o   Goals for student learning