Independent Research in Education (ED495a)

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    Topic Selection

    These are just a few possible ideas for topics you could explore.  You are not required to select a topic that is listed here, but your topic must fall under one of the Massachusetts EEC core competency areas (shown here in italics) and it must have some controversy among scholars.


    Area 1: Understanding the Growth and Development of Children and Youth

    • Gender differences in young children
    • Separation anxiety
    • Social/emotional learning and development

    Area 2: Guiding and Interacting with Children and Youth

    • Media consumption by young children
    • ADHD diagnosis and treatment in young children

    Area 3: Partnering with Families and Communities

    • Government-sponsored developmental screenings
    • Dual-language learning
    • Improving partnerships with schools and communities
    • Community resources for supporting families

    Area 4: Health, Safety, and Nutrition

    • Childhood obesity
    • Food allergies
    • Mental health issues in young children
    • Children and nutrition
    • Physical fitness for young children

    Area 5: Learning Environments and Implementing Curriculum

    • Learning through play
    • STEM teaching for young children
    • Teaching with technology
    • IEP/IFSP issues

    Area 6: Observation, Assessment, and Documentation

    • Early intervention

    Area 7: Program Planning and Development

    • Common Core implications for preschool teachers

    Area 8: Professionalism and Leadership

    • Professionalization of the ECE field
    • Team building among preschool teachers
    • Fostering a learning culture
    • How to build a professional development program for your childcare center

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