Independent Research in Education (ED495a)

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    Getting Ready for the Conference

    1.       Be able to explain the reasons you chose the topic you did.  You should also be able to talk about your expectations for the project – when you have completed this project, what will it enable you to do or know?

    2.       Develop a general timeline or schedule for the project that indicates progress goals (e.g. “I will locate and read 1 research article a day for the first 2 weeks”) and bring it with you to the conference.  See the instructions to help you get started.  Your initial schedule will not be as complete as the sample timeline provided, but it will be a good starting point.  You and your Research Advisor will work on it some more during the conference.

    What to Expect at the Conference

    1.       Topic discussion.  Your Research Advisor will offer suggestions for focusing or expanding the topic to fit within the scope of the project.

    2.       Project schedule.  You will work with your Research Advisor to refine your schedule/timeline for the project.  It should include several progress reports or other deadlines along the way to ensure that you are on track for completing the paper on time.

    3.       Research strategies.  Your Research Advisor will offer suggestions for locating appropriate articles (e.g. a list of relevant academic journals or specific authors that would provide a good “launching” point).

    4.       Next steps.  With the help of your Research Advisor, you will create a list of at least three specific steps you will take to begin the project.  You will confirm the date, time, and location for the second conference when you will wrap up the research/reading portion of the project and begin synthesizing the information to start writing.

    5.       Communication plan.  Your Research Advisor will provide you with his/her contact information and explain any preferences or expectations about communication (e.g. times, methods, frequency, etc.).

    Special Notice

    Important!  Failure to attend a conference with your Research Advisor without giving him/her proper notice is entirely unacceptable and may cause you to be immediately withdrawn from ED495a.