Independent Research in Education (ED495a)

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    Guide for Research

    It is time to start work on your project.  You must be diligent to stick to the schedule and timeline you developed with your Research Advisor at the first conference.  Stay in regular contact with your Research Advisor.

    Each project will have a different schedule with different tasks, but in general, you will probably be using this time to locate articles and read widely on your topic.  Be sure to take lots of notes and don’t forget to write down each article’s bibliographic information so you can cite it correctly later on.

    If you and your Research Advisor arranged for a system of progress reports or other updates, be sure to submit those on time according to your schedule.

    Important!  The research process is every bit as important to this project as the final product – the paper – is.  You are expected to locate your own articles.  Your Research Advisor, the library staff, and others will be glad to offer guidance and suggestions, but it is not their responsibility to find articles for you.

    If you face any serious extenuating circumstances (e.g. a death in the family, hospitalization, etc.) that cause you to fall behind, let your Research Advisor know immediately